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Company Events which makes Everyone Joyfull!!

Our office is extremely close to the Ningyocho Station. With the office providing the wide space and bright environment, our staff is full of smile and curiosity. Natural Plants Company Limited has excellent facilities provided for our staff such as meeting rooms and bathrooms etc. During breaks, staff can chit chats among each other or relax for a while on the massage chair…
We have a lot of bright and positive staffs with interesting ideas. A few would “Some “love to have fun with everyone no matter how”, and love to share their latest information on gourmet. We hold gatherings 4 times a year, where representative from each team would be responsible for the arrangements. They would enquire “the professional” within their team for details and arrange accordingly. The “Bingo Contest” which is held at the New Year’s Eve Party is also hosted by an Emcee with conspicuous personal character. We invite business partners and manufacturers etc. to join our celebration and share the joy and happiness. We hope to bring about more “laughter’ into the work area through different occasions.