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Products Quality links closely to the Company's heart. Customers' viewpoint always comes first.

We think “Quality” represents “the heart (core spirit) of the company”.
We take “Pueraria Mirifica” that we use in supplements and body gels as an example to demonstrate this.

Natural Plants only chooses genuine wild Pueraria Mirifica that had attained certain standards. To manufacture products of high quality, we carefully analyze different ingredients. Despite most Pueraria Mirifica products sold in Japan being rather costly, our products are at relatively lower prices. This does not mean we are playing tricks to cut the corners, but we paid effort to reduce various costs in-between, from purchasing of raw materials to distribution of products to the markets to make the reasonable price possible.

Thinking of "Quality=Company", if the products are not good enough, not designed with deep thoughts, in perplexing design without clear message conveyed, it is nearly impossible for the company to have a good reputation and brand image. "Quality" represents the attitude and heart of a company with its perseverance in striving for better quality. During our routine work of research and product planning, we link the intangible "heart" and "quality" together as one. Customers are always in the first priority that we concern about. We aim at producing the products that customers would be satisfied and feel relieved to continue using our products without any worries. our customers would feel like using our products again when they receive them. In order to achieve this target, we strive to produce high quality products continuously.

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    Internal Standards and Management System for Quality Assurance Open or Close
    Our Quality Policy
    Insist on using products from plant-origin to provide trustworthy products suitable for sustained usage.
    Our Safety Policy
    Be serious and responsible towards every task until completion.

    Provide products which are human body-friendly

    Is that once the product provides obvious effect, it can be rated as a good product? Natural Plants does not produce products that only consider about effectiveness. We insist to produce products which are trustworthy and can be used in long-term without any worries, rather than products with only short-term effect. We make efforts in searching raw materials with high quality and producing good products. We try our very best to produces products mainly by herbal ingredients and do not add in any unnecessary additives.

    Allows Customers to Shop at ease and have their Expectations over the products

    As we hope that the customers can use high-quality products in a sustained manner, we try our best to provide the products as reasonable prices. Natural Plants takes care of all processes from product planning to packaging design by its own staff to ensure simplicity in its designs. By avoiding unnecessary costs, we solve the cost issue. Therefore, we can use plenty of high-quality raw materials, and at the same time, provide the products at attractive prices.

    Staffs are responsible for product inspection to ensure Safety

    To let our customers use the products without worries and doubts, Natural Plants sets its unique “Quality and Safety Management Guidelines”. During all processes in the manufacturing and delivery of the products, we execute thorough management during the production as well as after-sales safety. To satisfy customers and contribute to the society, each and every staff takes actions based on quality and safety. To evaluate the safety and stability of raw materials used, Natural Plants does not only obtain information of the production of such raw materials or their quality specifications etc., but also checks related clinical experiment data and academic information etc.
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    About Plant-origin Raw Materials Open or Close

    Ancient Plants of Japan (the Honzo Emaki picture scroll)

    We pay special attention to ancient plants in Japan as stated in the Edo era’s book on herbs, “Yamato Honzo” written by Kaibara Ekken in 1709. We get the inspiration from the traditional way of using plants, and create our own recipes.
    Recently, beauty and health treatments make use of methods such as aromatherapy, using plants as the main body. In fact, the wisdom lies in plants was highly treasured by ancient Japanese, and so shall we. The clear-cut four seasons in Japan brings different varieties of plants, and they have unlimited energy. Reviving the ancient wisdom of ancestors in the ancient Edo era in the modern society, we created this “beauty-seeking” brand new series that combines ancient and modern wisdom.

    The Plants of Indonesia (Jamu)

    In the Java language and Indonesian language, Jamu means “the pure herbal medicine for treating guests”. It is the condensation of different families respectively in Indonesia according to their heritage. Mixing natural herbs and is equivalent to the Traditional Chinese Medicine.
    In family as a unit, Jamu is created by females for their sake, and is passed down the generations from mothers to daughters. Most research related to health in the modern society is conducted by male researchers. Nevertheless, Jamu has its formulation created by female which gives it its specialty. It is developed through the female’s viewpoint. We apply modern technology to turn Jamu formulations into products.

    Plants in Africa

    A Western African plant called “Mitracarpe scaber” is a great thing for skin care to local people. It works in a way similar to Hydroquinone, containing Hydroquinone Derivatives.
    “Adansonia”, as it appears in the story of “Le Petit Prince”, is the enormous kind of tree with its maximum trunk circumference at 54m as stated in the Guinness Book of World Records. It has extremely soft sponge-like trunk. This kind of tree is also called “the Tree of Life” and “the Tree of Mystery”. The sponge-like trunk stores water and nutrients, staying wet and nourished always.
    The coastal area near Senegal has abundant supply of “Kigelia Africana”, a kind of tall tree with the common name of “Sausage Tree”. In Africa, it has long been seen as to provide “nourishment to women with its mature fruits”. Thus, local people treasure it a lot. We proactively find this kind of African plants which are yet to be famous in Japan, and we make our cosmetic products with them.

    The Plants of South Africa

    Theobroma Cacao (The oil from the seeds of Theobroma grandiflorum) is originated from South America. The Maya people use Cacao beans to make frothy hot drinks, which energizes people with wisdom and vitality.
    Cropure Cupuassu, a kind of Cacao, is a plant from the Amazon, the nature’s treasure. The seeds can be used to produce better chocolates than normal Cacao. We introduce plant-origin raw materials which were not popular for use in cosmetics, and reproduce them into products.

    Southeast Asian Plants (wild Pueraria Mirifica)

    Well-known as the raw material of supplements, Pueraria Mirifica is a tuberous herbal root belonging to the Pueraria Genus of the Fabaceae Family and is grown in the deciduous forests of northern Thailand. It is alternatively called the “white Kwao Krua”. As isoflavones become the center of attention due to foods such as soya milk and natto, Pueraria Mirifica contains more isoflavones than soya beans.
    We conducted research on how to add this raw material to cosmetic products. After spending over 6 months on experiments, we have successfully invented a unique way of extraction to produce high-quality extracts.
    Natural Plants devotes in researches on plants that are already used in supplements but not cosmetics, and reproduce them into cosmetic products.

    Fruits water (Real juices of fruits)

    We do not use ethanol for extraction. Instead, we directly extract the liquid content of fruits.
    Our fruits water is made by flash distillation. In a special condensation device, the liquid contents in fruits first evaporate and the ingredients of fruits condense. To preserve the important constituents of fruits (nutrients), it is only heated for a few seconds. After, we perform consecutive filtration through cellophane membranes without adding any chemicals, producing fruits liquid extracts with the maximum amount of natural ingredients. This kind of fruits water is different from others made of extractions and essences, and brings a fresh sensation when applied.