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Natural Plants protects the personal information of our customers.

Natural Plants Company Limited, as an online shopping business, we are fully aware of the importance of protecting our customer’s personal information. Therefore, we are committed to protect all customers’ personal information using our management system according to the following guidelines.

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    Natural Plants promises that customers can “shop safely with no worries”
    We abide by laws related to personal information, particularly in the following aspects:

    The 5 safe guidelines which Natural Plants have considered

    • We do not send out email advertisements without customer consents.
    • We do not make advertising phone calls.
    • We will not ask for unnecessary personal data without customer consents.
    • We will not release customers' personal data to third parties.
    • We provide training to our employees about data protection and privacy.

    Natural Plants has obtained the third-party certification program TRUSTe's verification, and displays the TRUSTe mark. To thoroughly practise our protection on customer’s personal information, we provide clear explanation on the handling of personal information.
    We agree to undergo TRUSTe’s investigation of our personal data protection.

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    1. Natural Plants Company Limited only obtains, utilizes and provides appropriate personal information after thorough consideration of the job contents and scale.
      1. The personal information obtained shall only serve specific purposes. The amount of information shall also be limited to what is considered necessary for particular purposes.
      2. The personal information collected can only be used to the agreed extent.
      3. Personal information are kept and managed appropriately, and such information will not be disclosed to any third party without special reasons.
      4. When the disposal of personal information are consigned to external parties, an agreement is signed to prevent personal information been disclosed to third parties.
    2. Natural Plants Company Limited is abide by law regarding to the handling of personal data, as well as policies and regulations as specified by other countries. In addition, we establish an organizational management system to protect personal data and at the same time, we follow the rules as set in the manual regarding to the collecting, utilizing and providing of personal information.
    3. To protect the accuracy and safety of personal information, Natural Plants Company Limited applies reasonable safety measures in terms of technology and organization structure to prevent the illegal access of personal data, the disclosure of data, loss, damage and unauthorized modification.
    4. Natural Plants Company Limited assures that the person has the right to demand the disclosure, amendment and termination of use of his or her personal information. If he/she requests for such, we shall handle with honesty. In addition, any opinions and enquiries regarding to the handling of personal information, please kindly contact “Personal Information Enquiries”. (They accommodate with all complaints and consultation regarding to personal information.)
    5. Enquiries regarding Personal Information (Customer Service Center)

      3/F, Takitomi Bldg., 10-8, Odenma-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0011 Japan

      ※ We welcome e-mail inquiries regarding personal information at any time.

    6. Natural Plants Company Limited complies to the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) (JIS Q 15001:2006) to set up a Personal Information Protection Management Systems (PMS) (including policies, organization, planning and execution, approval and modification management system to protect personal information), and execute with regular modification and sustained improvement.

    Established on: 8 October 2008

    Modified on: 29 May 2009

    Tetsuo HANAKATA, Managing Director, Natural Plants Company Limited

    Natural Plants Company Limited has obtained verification from JIPDEC (Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community) in September 2009, and is officially allowed to use the “Privacy Protection Mark (P Mark)”.
    “P Mark” proves that the business operator is protecting personal information according to relevant JIS specifications (JIS Q15001:2006).
    We will continue to review and improve our protection of customers’ personal information.