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(Corporate Social Responsibility)

Natural Plants provides unique products and services so as to create happiness in customers’ life and help develop a better society. To deal with a number of social issues, Natural Plants helps explore clues for solutions by its unique point of view. Besides, in the environment aspect, Natural Plants tries every means to achieve the target of sustainable society. For example, we reduces unnecessary wrapping materials during packing as much as possible, we use recycle products such as recycle paper and recycle ink cartridges, and we help with the collection and disposal for particular products, etc. We all continue to endeavor to deliver not only products, but also “happiness” to our customers.

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    Human Resource Development and Human Instruction Open or Close

    Natural Plants put a lot of effort into Human Resource Development (i.e. show them how to do a job) and also Human Instruction (i.e. foster employees growth and enrich their life) at the same time. Natural Plants produces and sells products that can be used for long-term without any worries and we focus on human development that is responsible for it.

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    Flexible Work Environment Open or Close

    Natural Plants provides flexible working arrangements to improve employees’ work-family balance in accordance to their different stages of life. By working a reduced schedule, working at home and working with limited job duties, employees can balance child-rearing and nursing care with work. Employees are able to choose the way of working that suits them well so that they can work longer and more stable.

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    Local Support Open or Close

    Declination of prefectures has become a social problem in Japan, due to decrease of rural population, expansion of the disparity, increase of the unemployment rate, decrease of income, etc. The declination of prefectures in Japan also leads to the problems of declining birthrate and population issue

    Natural Plants set up a new company in province in order to create employment opportunity there and contribute to prefecture development.

    Besides, sharing the technology and knowledge of IT which is concentrated in Tokyo to province can help with development of human resources with high technique and knowledge, in order to make a contribution to community and society.

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    Support to Employment of Persons with Disabilities Open or Close

    “Natural Plants Support Ltd.” is a “Company of Continuous Employment Support (Type A)” appointed by Tokyo Metropolitan Government for disabilities, which established by Natural Plants. With adherence to the Act on Support for Persons with Disabilities and based on the Individual Supporting Scheme, Natural Plants provides job opportunities to disabilities so as to give support to the employment of persons with disabilities.

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    Support to the Farming Industry Open or Close

    “Agricultural Experience” is one of the staff benefits in Natural Plants. Natural Plants purchases seasonal vegetables from farmers and provides to staff, in order to support farmers directly and indirectly. By spreading out this activity, we aim at the revitalization of agriculture in Japan.

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    Charity Support Open or Close

    Natural Plants lends support to charity through different kinds of donation. For example, we donate condoms to “Japan Foundation for AIDS Prevention” and we raise money for “No More Breast Cancer! Smiling Foundation” and “Association for Nature Restoration and Conservation Japan”, etc. In addition, Natural Plants continues using the raw materials from natural disaster areas positively to develop and produce products, in order to provide reconstruction assistance to affected areas.

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    Overseas Support Open or Close

    Natural Plants donates money to disaster-affected area through branch offices located in overseas. Besides, Natural Plants produces products that made from fair-trade raw materials to support overseas farmers and workers to become self-reliant and improve their living.