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Thank you very much for your enquiry.

Please kindly confirm and agree to the following regarding to the handling of personal data when enquire with us.
After approval, please kindly input your personal information accordingly.

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    The Objective of Using Personal Information Open or Close

    The personal data provided by customer during enquiries will be used for following purposes:

    • For enquiry on Recruitment
    • For enquiry on Advertisement
    • For enquiry about products and manufacturing
    • Responding other enquiries
    • Confirm one’s personal identity
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    Handling of Personal Data Open or Close
    1. The personal data kept by the Company, unless upon prior agreement, consent or where mandatory provision of such data is required by the Law, such information shall not be disclosed to any third parties.
    2. Our Company staffs responds to all customer enquiries.
    3. If the customer did not provide their personal information during enquiry, sincerely apologize but such enquiry will not be corresponded to. (For example, E-mail Address not provided)
    4. If the customer requires disclosure, modification, termination of usage or deletion of their personal information, we shall process on such requests as soon as possible. Please kindly contact the following enquiry center. In addition, if you wish to receive a handling report by postal mail, we shall send it by post with a handling fee of JPY800.

    Please kindly contact the following customer service center for more details information.

    If you agree with the above contents, please send your enquiry via your e-mail address to the following customer service center:


    Natural Plants Company Limited Personal Data Protection in-charge

    3/F, Takitomi Bldg., 10-8, Odenma-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0011 Japan

    ※ We welcome any enquiries on personal information by e-mail anytime.

    After confirmation of enquiries, the person in-charge shall contact you.
    In general, enquiries are only corresponded to during weekdays within 2 working days.
    Thank you.