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Be the customer's first choice.

Natural Plants, just like its name, develops and sells products made from "natural plants". There were a lot of "natural cosmetics products" available in the market already when Natural Plants was established. And now, cosmetics products that made from natural ingredients are still very popular and you can easily find them in cosmetics stores. Among these products, some of them are "no additives", "no preservatives", "no fragrance". However, Natural Plants produces cosmetics products which are not "no additives", "no preservatives" nor "no fragrance". We believe that it is essential to put in necessary ingredients according to needs.

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    “No Additives”
    We only add necessary ingredients with consideration of the touch of usage etc. We devote in developing products that earns trust, satisfaction and continual usage from customers.
    Some products are 100% preservatives-free, while some may have the least amount of preservatives when necessary. If preservatives are not added to such products, change in quality or even mould may occur and may become safety problem.
    Aroma nourishes our life and thinking. The fragrances we use are mainly aroma oils extracted from natural plants. Natural Plants does not focus on making additives-free or preservatives-free products, but rather on the plants we use as the raw materials. We choose our raw materials upon careful selection and make use of organic or pesticides-minimized raw materials. In addition, we put a lot of effort into drawing out the unknown aspects of the plants. For example, one of our ingredients, the fruits water is made by flash distillation. In a special condensation device, the water in fruits is first evaporated and then the ingredients condensed. It is then only heated for a few seconds to preserve the important fruits components (nutrients). An important direction of Natural Plants is to treasure plants and handle plant ingredients with care. Besides manufacturing of products, we also pay a lot of attention in assuring the quality of customer service, delicacy and speediness of delivery. All of the above are to ensure customer satisfaction. Among the wide variety of “natural cosmetics”, Natural Plants aims at becoming customer’s first choice, and in order to do so, we work harder every single day.
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    1. Our Concept on Cosmetics
    A characteristic of Natural Plant’s cosmetic products is to seek high-quality plants as raw materials.
    We try our best to avoid the use of animal-origin or chemical raw materials in our products, and carefully select plants as raw materials to develop products that earn the trust and continual use from customers. We specially pick primitive plants in Japan since the ancient times, as well as from around the world (Asia, Africa, South America) etc. We combine the various plants to our unique style.
    The cosmetics are mainly made from natural plants; therefore even people with delicate skin can use them with no worry. To do so, careful considerations have been put into the use of preservatives and fragrances.
    2. Our Concept on Supplements
    At the moment, most health supplements sold in the market are made of single component, such as Vitamins or Minerals. We hold some concern in this. When we have food, we do not just intake one single nutrients, but instead we absorb various mixed nutrients at the same time which activates within our body. Natural Plants put serious consideration into this concern. Thus, the specialty of the supplements made by us is to add plant ingredients directly into our products.
    For instance, our product does not only contain extracted green tea Catechins. We pay attention to the green tea leaves. Adding green tea leaves directly into the product enable the intake of Vitamins and minerals apart from Catechins, which enables you to intake various nutrients at the same time while eating. Also, we consider the compatibility of different ingredients and make careful choices for ingredients to be added to the same product.
    3. Our Concept on Sundries
    Whenever we hope to live a life of fewer burdens…busy people of our generation seize every minute and second in their daily lives.
    In such busy routine life, we can play simple tricks to change the way time passes.
    Bath tub pillow and book rack for you to read a book in a relaxed manner while enjoying your bath time, and massager for bath use etc. With such sundries, you can enjoy the slow flow of time during such moments.
    Relaxed mode of life, although not a necessity, would ease your heart with lighter and more meaningful life. Natural Plants treasures such thoughts of “not necessary, but adds joy to life with such items”. The bath items and body care products produced and sold by Natural Plants allow you to lead an easier life.
    4. Market Planning
    Natural Plants finds the distance with customers a very important issue.
    We hope to minimize such distance, so that the customers could feel more closely the “thoughts of the product creators” and “the thoughts of users”.
    We believe that through continuous information exchange and mutual stimuli, better products can be created. We produce the products planned by us, receive orders directly from our customers, pack the products and delivery them to the hands of customers. The advancement of Internet does not only enable online shopping, but also provides an interactive communication channel between the customers and us, which successfully reduces the distance.
    Via limitation of distribution channels, we provide products of affordable prices suitable for continual use. Most importantly, we save on the costs and use it on putting more attention into combining the superior raw materials. The result, we are able to produce products which can be looking forward to. Natural Plants works with their concept of “from upstream to downstream”, and work towards providing the heartiest service they can through their own staff itself.
    5. Brand Innovation
    In the global market, there are numerous kinds of cosmetic products and health supplements. Where information is overflowing, the customers have no idea how to choose products according to which criteria. We often see patrons of shops looking bewildered. Also, the listed products in the shops often do not have clear directions and makes it difficult to understand the purpose of selling such products.
    In the cosmetics and supplements industry, TV commercials serve an igniting effect and in turns, some products become big hits. In the past, there were so many of such popular products. Which of those still remain active on the market? Many products are only well-sold during their boom and they spend a lot on TV commercials, but sadly the products’ contents do not match the promotions.
    We do not aim at creating “best-selling” products with only one single and short boom. Rather, we hope to create “long-life” products that attract continual use from our customers. Our “branding strategy” is to create such products.
    Natural Plants has created many brands and each conveys a clear message on their standpoints.